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Pre-1933 Gold

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Contrary to what some believe, all gold is not created equal.

Pre-1933 gold coins are a valuable addition to any investor's portfolio. Whereas the value of gold bullion is based solely upon its weight, there are three factors that establish the value of a gold coin dated prior to the year 1933 - the weight of the precious metal in the coin, the scarcity (or rarity) of a particular coin, and its mint state or condition.

These particular coins dated pre-1933 became scarce as a result of Executive Order 6102, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on April 5, 1933, at the height of the monetary and banking crisis during the Great Depression. President Roosevelt's Order required gold owners to trade in all but 5 ounces of the gold coins in their possession to a Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for about $20 of paper money per ounce. Consequently, it is estimated that only about 1% of the gold coins minted prior to 1933 remain in existence today, and those coins now have increased value due to their scarcity.

This government ban on gold ownership remained in effect until 1974. However, because this ban lasted for more than a generation, many Americans are unfamiliar with gold as an asset class and the many benefits it provides. Currently, there are no restrictions on gold ownership in the United States.

The most recognized and sought after Pre-1933 gold coins are the Saint-Gaudens and Liberty $20 gold pieces, each of which contains approximately one troy ounce of gold. The Liberty coin and the Indian coin were also minted in smaller denominations of $10, $5, $2.5, and $1. This variety of coins, populations, and denominations allows our Gold Specialists to design your coin portfolio to closely match your desired investment amount.

For more information on investing in gold, visit the Capital Gold Group website or call our 24-hour line at (800) 510-9594 today!


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