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What Is So Special About Pre-1933 Gold?

Last updated 5 years ago

The value of a gold coin minted before 1933 is determined by the weight of precious metal within the coin, the scarcity of the particular coin, and the coin’s condition. The reason that pre-1933 gold coins are now scarce is because President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 in 1933, which required gold owners to turn in almost all of their gold coins over to the Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for paper money. Today, only approximately 1% of gold coins minted before 1933 are still in existence.

Popular Coins

Saint-Gaudens and Liberty $20 gold coins are the most recognizable and sought out pre-1933 coins. Each of these coins contains approximately one troy ounce of gold. The Liberty coin and Indian coin of this time are minted in smaller denominations of $10, $5, $2.5, and $1, so investors can combine the various types to find their desired gold investment.

Graded Coins

A coin’s grade refers to its physical condition, and a graded coin comes with a unique identifying serial number and sealed bar code. Coin grading companies confirm the authenticity of pre-1933 gold coins to ensure that an investor is purchasing an accurately graded item that is highly liquid. The coin grading process ensures that as long as the bar code remains sealed, the coin will retain its physical grade and value.

Well-Conditioned Coins

The coin grading process determines the value of a pre-1933 gold coin by classifying it as good, fine, or uncirculated. A good coin still has most of its detail intact, while a fine coin has clear detail, but may have some of its surfaces worn. An uncirculated coin has never made it into general circulation.

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