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Exploring Some of the Uses of Gold that Make It So Valuable

Last updated 5 years ago

The human race has long had an infatuation with gold. Ask any person to name one of the earth’s most sought-after elements, and “gold” will likely be the answer you hear. From the time of the ancient pharaohs up to modern day America, gold has been an indicator of luxury and power. Why do people place such a high value on gold? The following uses for this precious metal explain why investing in gold is popular among those who understand its worth:

Medical Treatment The healthcare industry continues to press forward in its fight against cancer. Though this relentless disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, gold may soon be decreasing the number of lives claimed by cancer. New technologies are using this precious metal as part of leading edge cancer treatments that can eradicate tumors. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria present a similar health threat to people across the world. Fortunately, nanoparticles in gold have been found to be effective at combating these dangerous bacterial strains, providing hope that the medical community can fight off these deadly microbes for good.

Fashion Goods Gold has the power to save lives and to improve their quality. Gold jewelry may come in all shapes and sizes, but it almost always puts a smile on the face of the person who wears it. The fashion and fine jewelry industries have long made gold an important part of their products, and gold’s dominance over other precious metals and gems remains secure.

Currency As the past few years have shown, the public cannot rely on the stock market for their financial security. The recession laid waste to the 401k plans of millions of hard-working Americans who now must rebuild their retirement savings. Unlike stocks, gold is highly immune to the ubiquitous fluctuations of Wall Street. As a result, demand for this precious metal is soaring and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Don’t wait to invest your future in the power, value, and security of gold. Capital Gold Group offers gold investing services to those in the greater Los Angeles area. Contact us at (800) 510-9594 to speak with an associate about our buying options. You can also check out our Facebook page to learn more about investing in gold.


The representatives at Capital Gold Group are not financial advisors and the information provided in this blog should not be considered financial advice. The past performance of gold investments is not indicative of potential future gains.


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